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I ordered several things from Poshmark yesterday three of them being Harley Davison boots and one being a package of five Covid masks that say TRUMP. When I looked on my purchases it showed five items that the sellers placed on my card and mailed to me in spite of my argument I did not order 5 items,only 1!

This was only one hour after the order was placed. I also complained to Poshmark, I have not heard anything since to protect me.I just Received a message from the couple that were selling the masks, they said they received my message but oh so sorry they already mailed them is that OK?, *** no its not OK! Then I received a message from one of the sellers on the boots saying she put the wrong size,Is it OK if she still mails them? I answered her, no!

They are not my size. She messaged me back and said Oops,I already mailed them, they fit large they should be OK I cannot believe she still mailed them! My issue from one day with Poshmark my experience is that it is full of scammers and you are condoning this!

I am going to go to every social media platform I can find and scream this mess,As fast as I can type! My phone number is 724-732-****,dromero888@***.net- Go take a look at my site and my purchases from Poshmark, this is freaking ridiculous!

User's recommendation: HELLLL Freaking NO!

Monetary Loss: $110.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am sorry for your experience! Quite frankly, they seem like a scam site to me!

They don't answer and they do not support customers at all! I have closed my account and will NEVER shop their site again!


I am so very sorry you had this experience! They do not have any customer service!

Any business who can not stand by ethics of customer service should not have a business at all! I hope these reviews catch up with them and they get dished what they deserve!


the sellers don’t control what gets charged to your card, idiot.




Idiot, do not publish personal information on an open internet website forum.

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