Being able to communicate, whether as seller or buyer, is crucial in any business transaction - DUH. However, I havent been able to message a single individual, even one directed at my own listing, for 2 days now.

Cant respond to questions, cant ask questions of other users. With such a critical issue at hand, one would think customer support would provide expedient procedures or have more readily open lines of communication for users, but after sending three comments to customer service, Im still waiting 48 hours later. This isnt my first rodeo - Ive dealt with such platforms as ebay, Amazon, PayPal, etc with similar issues and never had to go over 24 hours before I received a response from customer service or even a resolution.

Its very frustrating and discouraging. Doesnt seem to be the expression of sincere professionalism on this companys part.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poshmark Customer Care.

Location: Houston, Texas

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