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I'm a Poshmark member. I was told on the site that I had one a gift.

I went to the website to claim my gift, it would allow me so right a at I started thinking it was a scam. When I checked all the other winner sites they were all fake because not one single one was had a sale listed. I tried shutting the prize claim window down and it wouldn't close. Then my phone would not shut off.

When it finally did and I turned it back on the window was still up on the prize claim site and I could not close it. I contacted posh right away.

I haven't heard back. I have no idea what kind of damage has been done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poshmark Website.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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That wasn’t from poshmark that was just a scam artist who made an account with poshmark in the name.


Bad site - no integrity safeguards - no customer service - sloppy technology - regret EVER doing business with them


Ive been getting these all week


I received a similar notification yesterday. Not sure about it.

What I do know though is that I have only purchased items on Poshmark....I have yet to be a seller. Just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback.


i have also gotten a few of these posts on poshmark, they keep coming up.


If you didn't download the app they ask you to download there is no damage done. I've gotten a bunch of them.

They want your information when you give your email.

Poshmark is aware and addressed it on the site and on their blog. Www.poshmark/blog.com


Same! But. Now my postmark news option in app wont work:/


I;ve gotten the same problem. this is the third fake user posting that message to me. i've reported them but it is annoying.


She thing on mine. No idea what's going on and it's on a bunch of my listings..


Totally fake site!!! Do not open!


Here is Poshmark's post. They are well aware of the problem.

Spam Accounts/Comments

Poshmark is aware of the recent spam comments taking place on the app. If you received any comment from an account using the Poshmark logo and claiming that you received a Posh Reward, that this is indeed fake. The Poshmark team is aware and is working on cleaning out these accounts and the comments they have made asap and have reported illegal use of our trademark to the authorities.

What can you do to help?

Please report these accounts as spammers.

Go to the specific profile that left the comment or tagged you in the comment and use the “report” feature and report the account as “spam”. Because the Poshmark team is aware of the issue, there is no need to write into support.

For live updated information, please check our blog post here.

Did you find this article helpful? Thank You Contact Us EMAIL US


I got them too and after going to it realized it isn't a poshmark thing. I think someone hacked into Poshmark. I've been on poshmark forever and have never seen something like this.


I'm hoping that whoever is doing the scam, if this is the case, which I think it is....they realize it's not funny n try doing something that's productive in life instead of messing w people! Try helping them...


I received 3 so far, the first one caught me off guard for a second but I quickly realized it is a scam. Poshmark would never take you off their platform and have you claim your "prize" on another site even if it contains the word "Poshmark." I hope this didn't do any damage to anyone who fell for it and your informations hacked.


I just found out some information on this spammer. Their IP Adress is, domain registered on 2016-11-19, asn owner is Namecheap.Inc, asn #AS22612.

Located in North America. Poshmark claims they've contacted authorities on spammer for illegally using their logo.


I got five messages, and they used my sold listing as the picture. I almost breezed past this to see, luckily I paused to read.

And even now, Posh moderators are quiet.


I am very nervous that my account now is hacked or compromised? Has anyone noticed if they have had money stolen from a bank account, or poshmark account, or personal info compromised?


I also went to the site to claim my prize. After I filled out the form and submitted it, it brought me to a blank screen.

I was able to close the screen and my computer is still running fine but I am afraid my account has been hacked.

I contacted poshmark, and am still waiting for a response. I don't know what is going on....They've always been a reliable service.....


As far asi concern..poshmark never advertised that they were going to give users any free gifts or rewards besides the using android pay and get $10 posh credit. Or the referral reward.

And if you noticed, this person who keeps tagging people to go and check this site is using poshmark's name with some numbers at the back for the ID and poshmark's logo as the pic. It's very suspicious & i think as an IT expert, they are a syndicate that spreading virus to ur phone. I'd recommend u to run a antivirus scan to ur phone hardrive n memory card from your computer.

Do not open any files thats on ur phone on ur computer. And if it still doesnt help, u might want to reset ur phone to erase everything.


I got 2 of these yesterday. Def look sketchy, glad I didn't go to website.

I reported both of senders to pm. Sorry this happened to you.

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