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I ordered this shirt from poshmark as the seller made it look like a tshirt dress, long and narrow. Well her photo is a fake, or photoshopped and the shirt is a short, wide, xl tshirt, and is about 7 inches shorter than the image the seller shows.

I submitted a complaint and they told me it was MY fault and doesn't qualify a return.

The shirt I recieved and the shirt in the photo look NOTHING alike other than the fact that they are black. Worst company, worst service, never again.

Review about: T-shirt.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Thanks for writing. Crap Company, crap seller,crap customer service, allowing crap sellers to get away with crap. The happiest day of my life will be when "not so "Poshmark" closes down


You thought it was a T Shirt dress? First of all the listing clearly says kids T Shirt.

So because it’s not what you “thought” it was- even though the description says nothing about it being a dress... or even a woman’s size, you should be able to return.

Btw, the photo compared to what you exactly the same. People like you are the problem!


I've been ripped off and seen many in my day I'm a suggested user and small business owner for online retail with a professional govt certified LLC/ and love the insane and incredibly hard and incredibly underrated work i have to do that pays nothing all in all to be honest haha but anyways I'm sorry hon but honestly, I've had pictures exactly - LITERALLY nothing added to personal posted photos of the actual dress and tags on and everything and somehow someone STILL managed to say my pics weren't accurate and as they always have, no matter if it's against policy and wrong like this (you're not allowed to return because you chose the wrong size or messed up on your end with details. It's not fair but do not ever pay that much for a tshirt girl.

Google that sh*t before you trust any price on poshmark - honestly this person has the same shirt as pictured but she styled it with necklaces and dangly bling and a hat or whatever so she rolled up the shirt sleeves and tucked it made it great on her mannequin - and that's how she got you. ALWAYS make offers. Now if it's 48 I would've begun at 18 because that shirt is NOT worth 48! You could prob find it on eBay or any other website like Amazon or anything like that babe I'm so sorry.

Unfortunately they're right that is the shirt but you probably never even poshed before if you had probably barely - and so she stylized the pics of hers but to distract from the shirt babe and I'm sorry. I'm sorry you , aka literally after all the people who legitimately stole from me and screwed me by returning my brand new/ in original plastic/ with tags that are named brand attached and perfect condition - because they're just "not fitting right" --> which posh says isn't a reason for a refund. Posh are liars. I've wasted countless hours and blood sweat and tears with gifts as well and swindling workable deals to help / huge bundling discounts/ etc and I never have gotten - even a few weeks ago -- the justice of their so called "rules" and apparently women must've started complaining because it really was, anything anyone said they'd refund for even against their policy.

So I'm hoping seers came down hard and that's why they're now trying to actually treat their sellers who care like myself and are people pleasers 100% and work our butts off every second of the day for two years now, debts, and busting butt to make sales - it was crazy at first - I had death threats sent over a liar who said I sent her a fake wildfox( ps had full pics of tags/ wrapping/ untouched - etc ) and raped my account with spam / copied & pasted paragraphs on every single post of my closet saying "THIS ***** IS A FRAUD SOLD ME A FAKE WILDFOX -- etc etc etc etc .. and her rando friend then left be such horrible disgusting threats and wishes I'd die and "sh*t myself to death and get struck by lightning you fake *** b****- " flipping me off with even emojis. and I was depressed for two weeks since the crazies for me have mostly been middle aged rich women who treat me like a slave aha so I'm so sorry. There are messed up things, Which I agree.

When measurements and real photos and details are used. But this was well done how she listed it - but if she listed the WRONG SIZE or measurements etc, THAT is what you use to then re-email posh support and say those pieces of data/because then you get the refund. She then will have lied and they'll accept. Good luck and I'm sorry again that your experience was so horrible.

My first sale honestly was an attack, another person saying I sold her a fake purse. But didn't report or ask for refund because it wasn't actually fake.. hey my email is - I'm a suggested user and veteran of this site and am no b.s. So email me anytime girl about anything related to online retail and I'll help you out.

I wish posh had stuck to their code of honor for sellers against people who actually are wrong, and your sadness is legitimate for spending 50 bucks on this *** shirt haha. I'll even help you reposh using her own pics and sell it starting at a higher price - and say was too big for you.

And share that on your online media like cray - I'd love to help you haha. Lots of love, Holly C ( @hacsince91 on poshmark)

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