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Poshmark claims to protect against counterfeits as stated on their website: "You are protected every time you make a purchase on Poshmark. We will give you a full refund if your item never ships or does not match the listing description. Otherwise, all sales are final. The policies and systems we have in place to protect you are called Posh Protect."

I purchased what I thought was an authentic Coach Bag on Poshmark, and when I received it a few days later, I immediately knew it was counterfeit, but felt assured I would be refunded given the 'Posh Protect' guarantee that if the item you receive is inauthentic, they will provide a full refund and a shipping label to send the item back to the seller. I immediately reached out to Poshmark via the app with a description and photos of the counterfeit bag taken next to an authentic Coach bag of the exact same style and color to show the glaring differences. Not only were there many obvious details pointing to it being a fake (different lining material/color, not real leather, completely different sizes of hardware, loose/clumsy stitching, different size logo, no receipt or sales tag as was described in the listing, fake care brochure printed on printer paper with different fonts), the bag was very poorly packaged and shipped in an envelope far too small for it, folded up and warped, so it is now permanently damaged (rips in the fake leather) from being bent and will not even stand up on its own. When someone ships a supposedly authentic designer item that way, it's basically like them saying, "Hey, I just scammed you! haha"

Poshmark replied to my complaint a few days later asking for more photos, which I then sent, of both the fake and authentic bags. I also offered to ship them both of the bags so they could inspect them next to each other, as it is difficult to see the details in low resolution photos. It is better if you can see both in person and feel the cheap materials compared to the authentic bag which is sturdier, with higher quality materials/stitching, and the care brochure is much heavier paper stock.

Two days after receiving the 2nd round of photos, Poshmark emailed back a standardized rejection email to say that this purchase does not qualify for a refund. The reasons given were as follows:

"- item confirmed authentic from in house authenticators

- different stores or seasons may have slight differences"

Conveniently for them, there is no way to contact Poshmark to speak to an actual person for more information or to challenge their findings. They do not have a customer service line or any phone number to call.

I have a big issue with their response. First, I have serious doubts that Poshmark actually employs in-house authenticators, and even if they did, how could this person determine authenticity solely from low resolution photos? I offered to ship them the bags for inspection, real and fake, but they did not respond to that offer. This tells me that they are not really in the business of authenticating. After all, they are a software company. I wonder how much software engineers know about authenticating designer items. Secondly, "different stores or seasons may have slight differences" is patently not true. Coach, or any designer, does not produce the same SKU/item/style with some having real leather and some fake leather, different clasp/zipper sizes, and different brochure paper stocks/fonts. Also, the seller claimed to have purchased the bag at Macy's (not surprisingly, she did not enclose a receipt, or the retailer sales tag is was supposed to come with), which is the same retailer that the real bag I found was from. I find it utterly ridiculous that I am supposed to take Poshmark's word that they have an Authenticator on staff who can magically authenticate items based on low resolution photos submitted through the app, and I can't even contact them to challenge this finding.

I believe Poshmark is knowingly allowing counterfeit items to be sold on their website/app so they can get the 20% fee from the sale of these items; and making false claims about offering refund protection for inauthentic items and being able to trust purchases from Poshmark. This software company has no Customer Service department, no phone number, no intention of issuing refunds, and no integrity.

Poshmark should stand behind their 'Posh Protect' claim, and offer refunds for items that are found to be inauthentic. If they are going to maintain that the item is authentic (which it is certainly not), then they should at least refund me for the purse having arrived damaged, ripped and warped from being shipped folded up in an envelope. That also falls under the 'Not as Described' complaint. It doesn't matter if an item is purchased for $1000 or $10, a buyer should not be forced to accept a damaged item with no hope of a refund.

Poshmark should also take claims of counterfeiting seriously. If they are going to deny inauthenticity refunds by saying the item is in fact authentic, they need to take it seriously and arrange to have items in dispute shipped to a 3rd party authenticator who has no financial stake in the sale. That would be the only fair and impartial way to authenticate items. Poshmark earns 20% from every sale no matter if it's real or counterfeit, so they have no incentive to ensure the buyer is getting what they thought they were getting.

Stay away from Poshmark and the seller @hollyp76

Product or Service Mentioned: Poshmark Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $175.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Poshmark Pros: Selling on poshmark, Mostly honest people, Fun and addictive, Social aspects.

Poshmark Cons: Scamming, No customer service phone number, Posh protect policy is bs, Poshmark supports counterfeiters, Poshmark has no integrity.

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I received a fake Chanel bag that was “authenticated” through the Poshmark service. When I opened a case disputing it was fake and provided pictures, they replied saying that their in house experts as well as a third party profesional authenticator confirmed the purse was authentic.

So I’m now left with this fake Chanel bag and a couple thousand short. So angry with their “authentication service.”


Keep contacting them by email. Bombard them consistently.

You have a valid claim. I was relentless in emailing them over a ripped and shrunk shirt I received for $50. Your claim is significantly more. They finally refunded me and I hope they do the same for you.

Also, contact Coach. Trademark infringement is illegal and they can pursue both Poshmark and the Seller.

A $10,000 fine to each guilty party will shake them up. Good luck.


I have never google and do my research until I got disappointed experience with Poshmark. And then I found this website.

It is never about the money. I just regret that I trust the wrong company. It is a shame this company located near my home. But life goes on.

I will file all the complaints to the local authorities. And I will only go to Coach retail store to purchase my favorite bags. I guess Poshmark only cares about fast-money to their pockets. It is such a shame they locate at the Bay Area.

What a shore-eye! :)


The bag has no "Coach Label" inside the bag. I have purchased numerous Coach Bag, they all have the Coach Label.

There is also a label stated "Make in China, Chine" What is "Chine" China is a country, Chine, is not a country name. This is mis-spell word. This is counterfeit bag. The material of the bag is not leather.

It is cheap fake leather. It smells like plastic. Anyway, no matter how many time and how many photo that I uploaded, the support team of Poshmark went into deaf-ears. Keep saying my photo are blurry.

So, report to authorities, I never support purchasing counterfeit items. But this time I am forced to keep a cheap, counterfeit bag from Poshmark. Report to the FBI internet criminal crime that Poshmark acknowledge that sellers sell counterfeit product, even after the consumers complain, they still declined the buyers requests. Report to local authorities, when the State collected enough complaints, they will file the lawsuit against the fraud and consumer momentary loss the Poshmark cost.

Yeah, if I heard news like that broadcast in public T.V, we should go out and celebrated.

I spent $760 in Poshmark, not all money went in loss, but I learn my lesson. Now I will only go to local Coach store to buy guarantee authentic bags.


I know, I am going through the same thing now as a buyer. I feel really disappointed.

I believe that Poshmark only cares about charging the transaction fees of the merchandise. They careless of the coach bag is authentic or not. I found my order was counterfeit. And contacted the support team right away.

They keep asking me to upload photo, I uploaded at least four separate occasions. They all stated is burry. This is the best defense that they come up for denying the counterfeit claim. They don't want refund and they don't want to admit that they are violated in U.S law.

I say, for all the people who got scam by Poshmark and seller user name Swifter1230, report to the FTC, BBB, FBI, the State attorney office, to all the public law enforcement agencies, Coach customer service email contact, report the claim. So, when the state received enough claim, they will file a state lawsuit against the company, then we get our justice. I have asked the seller, Swifter1230, per her statement that she got the bag from coach, please list the company name, address and phone number, she went silent with her comment. If you are innocent, you have no problem to provide the information to clear your name.

No replied. I request to drive to the headquarter to physical to review the bag. The Poshmark support team did not replied on this request. So, yeah, lesson learn.

But stand up and fight for company and seller who wrong the consumer to cheat their money, it does not small or large.

Report the claim to the authorities, and to the Coach company. They deserve in what is coming for them.


Poshmark is a scam. Buy only from well known sellers that have a record of selling and are honest. You can check their profile and assess for yourself because Poshmark takes their money and runs.


Poshmark is a shady company,I bought a Tiffany Necklace for $240.This is a lot of money for me.You have 3 days to accept your purchase or the seller will receive my money,Poshmark didn't answer my emails until the 4th day teal lying it was to late for my refund.They make sure not to answer your email until your 3 days are over.Terrible company and dishonest.


*** just don’t buy a bag lol


I sold a LV handbag and the sale went through the buy gave me 5 star rated my funds were suppose to be released tomorrow and i got an email today saying my bag was a replica and I would not be getting my money... what has everyone else done in situations like this?


Did they blocked u?

Mayra M

I had an experience recently I sold an authentic Louis Vuitton and went to their concierge service for authentication they canceled my order after receiving my bag. I have been sending out emails asking to return my bag and its been more than a month and they did not return it.I bought it from someone else as an authentic so I was confident to sell it and send it to their concierge service I was shocked when they canceled the order, but it is more shocking that they didn't return my bag.I have the feeling the bag is authentic and poshmark stole it. they never explained to me why they canceled the order.

@Mayra M

Did they return the bag? Did they say its a counterfeit?

@Mayra M

Exactly what they tried doing to me. I have 100k followers have sold thousands of dollars worth of luxury items.

and 2x they said authentic things where fake then tried keeping them until I said I needed them back and basically freaked out.

I’m about to quit posh after this. They where do rude and shady.

@Mayra M

I am dealing with this exact issue now! They are refusing to return my AUTHENTIC luxury item unless I send them $20.

Insanity! They are a scam and I am irate!


I agree that what happened is very disheartening, however most companies have certain retailers that they work with that are given authority to sell their authentic items. For example when you go to, they have a lost of authorized retailers and if you choose to purchase a pair of uggs from any retailer not on that authorized list, you are doing so at your own risk.

Therefore, if you are trying to get a better deal by going to an unauthorized website and your product is not authentic it was at your own discretion and in doing so, you do take and accept that risk. My advice, do some research, make sure that you are purchasing grom an authorised retailer and if the price sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


Same with me except I was on the receiving end. A buyer said my sell wasn’t authentic.

They refunded her and I immediately reimbursed them. They then said they would send my shoes back and they sent me a white blouse. I told them that wasn’t my sell and they asked for pictures, I sent them immediately and got no response.

A week later I emailed to follow up. They basically stated “they could confirm that the shoes were sent and no other garment by mistake.” Oh ok because a shirt and sneakers are synonymous.


Poshmark scam people out of their money.


Not always, the buyers buy authentic items and accuse sellers for selling fake items without evidence is dangerous grounds.


That’s what happened to me they scammed me


Do you have the receipt and the company that you brought your items from? My seller insisted that her bag brought from Coach retail store, then later she told me her bag is back in more than 2015, ok, no receipt.

But you remembered which store that you buy it from right? You can't forget. Right? When I asked the seller to provide the store name, address and phone number to verify the statement.

Silent, death silence. I give Poshmark, and the seller many chances to correct the wrong. I don't want to keep this cheap counterfeit item. The seller keep insisted is real, it has those paper document to prove is real.

Come on. I have those copies in all my coach bags, you can keep one copy and inserted to the fake counterfeit item. After I linked the violation of law of selling counterfeit, the seller went silent. If you are innocent, you will stand up and fight to prove your innocent right?

Why is dead silence after I request the coach retail store address that she brought the store from? But if Poshmark did not tolerated that, sellers for selling counterfeits never dear to cheat consumers money. If I did not go through this *** I never learn. There are too many scams online.

Even their company located in Bay area. It is still a scam company.

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