I had a blouse posted with the exact picture from designers site, the buyer purchased it without asking questions. I shipped, next day.

She filed a complaint that colors were not the same. Poshmark did their own "investigation" never asked me anything and next thing I know they refund buyer. I ask what happened to buyer as poshmark never replied and she said blouse is black, sea foam green and sage. As you can see on pics neither is true.

It is an issue of lighting. Depending on light shirt will look different. And as you can see the shirt is wrinkled like no other and damaged. I contacted poshmark and they refuse to respond or provide an acceptable solution to false claim.

My hypothesis is the seller had buyers remorse or blouse did not fit.

Also as you can see poshmark advises that buyers ask for pics. This buyer never did

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Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, United States #1129301

I just went through the exact same thing. I will never sell on the site again.

My first and last.

Buyer was a whack job from H" I had a feeling I shouldn't of sold it to her . I am still waiting to get the item back and hope that it is not damaged by her.

Petsmark has horrible customer service!!


Happened to me today. Buyer had me rush ship, then had questions.

I explained that the designer hand dyes all fabrics and each one is slightly different, why I posted a swatch, yet she opened a claim. She went from 0-60 in minutes then down to 0 only after. Looked at her previous purchases. From $8-$15.

This item was $60. Originally $225. Sold out piece and in demand. She haggled me down $15 and now this!

Thank god I documented everything. Unfortunately that's where we are now with Posh.

I was an original member and all these "new and improved " changes are just hurting us. I'm just fed up


Same thing here, I think it's all bs. Just like I had two items returned to me that were priced very cheaply for the price I paid in the store.

Not to mention that one buyer, told them the item was damaged when clearly it wasn't had she known her facts she would have known that when I bought it form the store it was the same it was a distressed look. Ifeel like ppl jus wanna try to b funny . And it really is offensive to ppl who never delt with them before. I'm deleting this app, and going to another one.

Just on the strength that ppl make a scene expecting the items to be brand new and if that's the case they should go to a store. The shirt I bought for 50at the store and sold it to someone foe 14 bucks! And they want to return and theysaid ok?!?!?!?

That's crazy to me especially without them at least trying to mediate! Sorry for long post I'm jus rubbed the wrong way and had to vent!

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