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I listed a Lilly for Target towel and had several likes, and was negotiating a sale when suddenly they removed my listing. After contacting CS they deleted because it was a "towel" not a fashion accessory, you 50 plus other Lilly towels remain (many pushing pay pal which is clearly against their regulations) and many have sold.

I lost $20 in the transaction. CS will do nothing about this. It's unfair and discriminatory to single out one listing for not being within their guidelines. They claim that the moderators are working to remove all unsupported items, but many remain.

They are profiting from the sales of the same item they deleted! Hypocrites.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have had a few listings removed as well and it would show on my account as Mod removed listings and I wrote to Poshmark. If you want to remove a listing NO PROBLEM just do not make it a big problem.

And that is what they do. I did not know all their rules when I started, even still sometimes I am confused can I list this? There are too many items which are deemed not fashion on Poshmark like selling weight loss tea. I had sold the same brand because I saw another seller sell it too and I thought it was okay.

Then the listing was removed and I went back to search and I could see others selling it too. It is wrong of Poshmark to regulate one seller and not the whole kit and kaboodle.

If you just search perfume, you will see tons of sellers selling this item. I would like to sell it too as I have a full store of such but refrain because I know its not allowed.




Their community guidelines specifically state that the site is for fashion, fashion accessories, and unopened/unused makeup ONLY. It's to prevent the site from becoming another Craigslist or Ebay and driving away their consumer base.

The towel may have a Lilly Pulitzer label, but it is NOT a fashion accessory; it is a home good. Just as Tommy Hilfiger sheet sets and dishes are not allowed on the site, neither are Lilly towels.

As a frequent Posher, thank you Posh for keeping the site free of clutter!

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