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I sent this package to the Buyer a week ago, April 16th, 2016..Buyer recieved package on Monday, April 18th 2016 @ 5:13pm..

I sent 8 emails confirming the shipment, tracking number, and reimbursement for shipping.. No reponse from Buyer.. Poshmark's Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!! They keep sending me emails about Delayed Shipping and How many days it's been??

Obviously they lack the training or too lazy of getting things correct.. The reciepts are Clearly posted in My Closet.. What do they not get?? I speak and write English, so I thought!?

But they hold My money from the sale!!! This is FRAUD!!!

If this is not corrected by Monday, April 25th, 2016..I will be filing in Small Claims Court..

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@ Cristina and Anonymous (April 27) What are your comments about??

to Anonymous #1159342

My comment was regarding this persons issue.It seems to have been user error and not Poshmark's fault.

The user bought shipping on their own, even though a pre-paid shipping label is automatically sent to a seller upon sale of an item.

There's no way for Poshmark to track packages shipped outside of their system, because they are all linked to the pre paid shipping label that is sent to the seller to begin with.That's why the package was marked delayed, PM had no way of knowing the package was shipped or delivered and therefore had no way of knowing whether to release earnings or not.

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1159139

@cristinadc is a low ballers and does not accept sales, she just let 3 days go by to have items noted delivered, delaying your fund to be released.


Just curious, why did you buy shipping from USPS?The item was probably marked as delayed because you didn't use the prepaid label that they sent you.

It's all paid for and the tracking number on the label they send you is linked to the order.If you buy shipping on your own, you waste money and Poshmark has no way of knowing if you shipped the item.


I have the same issue.I sent a package on Thursday April 14th that was delivered to the customer on April 15th.

The tracking information online is wrong because it does not show the customer has the package.

I called USPS and they say customer received the package and it was delivered ontime.But I get no help from Poshmark either so now I'm out my money for the sale and also the item I sold

to Anonymous Denton, Texas, United States #1148860

After I had posted this Comment and Several other Emails, they state that "Oh, We checked Your closet and Saw the Proof of Shipment and updated Our Systems." After 6 days, You got to be Kidding me.After working in the Banking Industry for 13 years, This is Illegal of what PM is doing!!

Just like certain stores want to charge You a Minimum of $3.00 to use Your debit card, That too is also Illegal. They can have Their CC machine revoked because of that. You can't charge a Customer a Minimum because the Store has to pay a Fee per Transaction. As I stated, If I do not have My earnings by Monday, they will face a Lawsuit!!

Because No matter what, It's Customer's Service job to do their job, Not when they hear that Legal Action is going to be taken, Now all of a sudden, You found the Proof that was Clearly stated from when the package was sent. Keep everything for Your records.

I screen shot My earnings Every day to show that it has not been released.If you need Additional Help, let Me know.

to La Sha Blake #1275508

13 years you say?While certainly annoying, requiring a minimum debit card purchase is not illegal.

However, merchants still aren’t "supposed" to do it – they’re breaking the terms of their agreement with credit card companies if they do.

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about whether or not debit card minimums are illegal because several laws went into effect in 2013 that govern how merchants deal with customers who pay with plastic.Two major changes took place, but neither of them outlawed minimum purchase requirements with debit cards:

Minimum purchases with credit cards are allowed, up to $10. Merchants can set minimums for credit card purchases if they want to. This is a result of a lawsuit that merchants won against credit card companies and banks. In the past, merchants set these limits “unofficially." The law did not address the issue, but it was a violation of the merchant’s agreement with credit card companies.

Now, credit card companies must allow these minimums. The U.S. Government set the limit at $10.

(and no one will take their CC machine away. That's most definitely NOT in the CC companies best interest lol

so there's THAT for #1....

as for Cust Srvc (Here's MY expertise as a veteran (23 years in CS field) corporate customer service for various industries for the past decade (now I feel old) Annnnywaaays, Customer Service, though generally filled with magical elves who posess phenomenal cosmic powers (The likes of which most people can only dream)...No CS department is without it's limitations (and trust me...there are MANY) large companies like PM rarely handle their CS issues in a central mothership office where all the baby ship operations take place.

You know the telephone game? well put a suit and a headset on it and that's the main cause of "delays"..#2 Per the companies T&Cs, I bet they can take however long they actually like to process a payout with limited liability..nay..absolutely NO legal recourse by seller OR buyer and that those "terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice" and that by using the PM service you have already agreed wholeheartedly with their process. As someone who did a stint in finance, I've learned the importance of reading (or at least skimming T&Cs..always) 6 days for an entity that is acting as a 3rd party payment processor AND service provider is seriously NOTHING. Have you not noticed how long it takes a one trick pony bank to post a payment to an account as available?!?!

(uhhh..often 4 to 6 days) so....sellers are given free ship via PM for a reason. mess with that, youve thrown a wild animal onto their conveyor belt and it's not THEIR fault that manually cleaning up the special snowflake situation going through USPS caused, takes more time than usual. Because do know that you're not their ONLY client.....right? Anyhow, I've not used PM..but I have to give them props..for this issue alone.

I'd have pissed in your cheerios. Remember that for as whimsical and glittery Customer Service can be...they can also be equally as menacing. (I knew an associate that would sign asshats up for tons of horse ***..tons...and email, home email, mailing addy..whatever..allllll signed up to receive horse ***) Be nice to Customer Service.

They really do just want to make your day better.I hope your experiences with PM got better.

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