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I sold a set of brand new AUTHENTIC Mac look in a box essentials brushes. The buyer lied that they were counterfeit so she could return them. A case was opened and I EAGERLY sent proof of authenticity: multiple pictures of my brushes, same brushes from unbiased blogs, and MAC.com to compare my brush and real brushes side by side. I also sent the contact info and invoice of THE COMPANY I bought the brushes from to further prove their authenticity. I am a top performing Ebay seller with over 1000+ positive reviews for sales of authentic brushes. (my store is chatonbellefahzy. I also sent this to posh to show my integrity. ) Upon receiving the brushes, ALL the plastic sleeves the brushes were packaged in were gone, the plastic pouch the brushes came in was gone, AND the brushes were splayed and obviously used. The person got buyers remorse and VIOLATED BUYERS POLICY about their authenticity to make a return.

Now I am stuck with USED and unsanitary brushes as Posh sided with the user who VIOLATED their rules. The rules clearly state that ONLY USED MAKEUP is prohibited and COUNTERFEIT makeup. My brushes are 100% authentic. I also included VERY CLOSE up pictures of the brushes so that buyers can see for themselves the brushes are real. I am very upset that the buyer violated the rules, while I followed them and went above and beyond to prove they are authentic but Posh SIDED with the buyer. She is probably SCAMMING more people since POSH encourages this type of behavior by letting her go. I figure if I am giving posh 20% of all of my sales and all of my positive reviews, they would have a little more respect for me.

Their claim is not that since I did not buy it from an official MAC store, the brushes are fake. They disregarded all my pictures, all my reviews, the fact that girl had ZERO reviews.

I no longer feel comfortable selling on here and would discourage anyone else from doing so if this type of behavior is tolerated.

Feel free to message me for more information on this distasteful customer service.

Attached pictures of my new authentic brushes and also the set of used disheveled brushes in the last pic.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with some of the buyers are nice and stated that there is a room for improvement of i was scammed into purchasing from the wholesale portal and scammed into accepting used cosmetics. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of poshmark seller account and associated monetary loss in the amount of $40. Poshmark needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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I think Poshmark is technically a party to the crime because they are fencing stolen goods. They stole your goods and gave them to that girl and didn’t give you the money.

It’s just like when they send your item back and say it’s a counterfeit but yet they keep 20%- they are the only ones selling counterfeits at that point. Their 20% is fixing to get them in a world of ***


I wish I would've read this before selling on poshmark, I just had this happen to me this week, I sold an authentic Kylie Peach Palette and the buyer sent in a case after 3 days of wearing the brand new makeup, I then took pictures of my product and the receipt to validate authenticity, and they awarded her the return. So now I'm waiting to receive unsanitary makeup that I can't sell..poshmark basically let a young girl sabotage my product and reward her for it.

I'm done with poshmark. I'll stick to ebay where I have great customers and 100% reviews.

New York, New York, United States #1159146

@gypsydd keeps making excuses to return items. She will accept your sales but then she writes you nice comments about how she broke the earrings, or the pants are to small, the coat was too small, asking for credit or something else.

Just read her purchase history.

The latest one is her purchase from @candicecouture. If you refuse, she will change your review with less stars.

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1135203

I agree that Poshmark has serious issues. I sold a David Yurmon bracelet, the buyer claimed there was a problem and then returned an empty box.

Now I have no bracelet and no money.

There is nobody to call at Poshmark, so I can only send emails to the support staff but do not receive any responses. I had a $400 bracelet stolen from me.

to Erin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1136148

You can report to the Better Business Bureau!

to Anonymous #1137986

The BBB has no authority over any business. They are merely a rating company.

All they will do is ask a company to play nice. They can not force one to do so.

If it were me, I would send both the buyer and Posh a nice letter advising them that you will be filing a fraud cause with the local police department, and since the buyer used the internet to commit her fraud and damaged a set of goods, then the FBI's internet fraud division has jurisdiction.

It might not go anywhere, but I would at least make the report on the fbi.gov's website.

to Erin #1329863

You also have the buyers name & address so report her to your police. Maybe they can do something? I hate thieves

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