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Update by user Jun 05, 2018

I first received...We are reaching out to let you know that after careful review, we have approved the buyer's request to return due to the following undisclosed condition issues: - undisclosed broken chain We recommend including any wear or damage in the listing photos and description to ensure the buyer knows what to expect. Rest assured, we understand that this was likely an honest oversight and know these things happen from time to time.

Once you receive the returned order, we will be refunding your buyer. If you notice any issues with your order when you receive it back, please go to your order in the App or website, tap on Problems/Order Inquiry → Report Problem with Return. *The buyer was able to return and Poshmark but i was then allowed to refute the return and report my problem with it including before and after pictures. This time my side was actually read unlike initial refute.

They responded... Thank you for submitting your return for review. In these situations, it is difficult for our team to determine the order's original condition. Our team carefully reviews all case and user details to make the best decision we can.

We want to highlight that from our experience, most claims come from honest oversights from either party. However, we understand your concern and want to assure you that the appropriate action will be taken. Rest assured, all return cases are noted to prevent future issues. We truly value you as a member of our community - as a courtesy, we have added your earnings to your balance for this order.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I’m not sure why initially my side wasn’t examined the pictures clearly made my case. The buyer claimed a broken chain. The chain was not broken.

The prong attaching chain to the necklace was snapped off and necklace tied in knots when I received item back in crushed box in an envelope. I hope PM went back and questioned false claims. The item was new with tags in perfect condition is now ruined.

I’ve only sold on PM a few weeks and was happy they reviewed my case and made things right. I’m still hestitant to sell and removed my high end items.

Original review posted by user May 29, 2018

I sold a new Michael Kors necklace with tags. And had buyer rip the chain next to the MK pendent because she was angry price posted wasn't what she was charged because she forgot poshmark charges for shipping.

I told her she could cancel the order. She didn't and destroyed the necklace once she got it and claimed that I misrepresented the necklace that the chain was broken...even though I had pictures of necklace with original tags in perfect condition from multiple angles. I had shipped item secured in small jewelry box inside padded box wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap inside priority shipping box. Poshmark claimed that I failed to disclose the yes because there was no damage the seller damaged the item.

Poshmark didn't even review my comments or view pictures on the case which was extremely disappointing considering every review I had was five stars and buyers loved items. I even questioned why buyer had taken item out if box and removed the tags because damage she claimed would be evident immediately and there would be no need to take item out and remove the tags. I had jeweler assess picture buyer took and he believed it was taken out to of box to get enough tension to rip the chain. I have a friend who works with a law firm helping me respond to this issue in order to try to refute return and look into proper reporting authorities.

Better business bureau as well as fbi criminal cyber crime unit as it is online and item sold across states. Friend with police stated pictures show crime of destruction of personal property.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poshmark Marketplace.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hope you can reply to this message as I don’t know how long ago this was posited. I am going through the same nightmare with a poshmark right now where a buyer cut up my $400 wig and returned it and Poshmark says they can’t tell if it was damaged before it was returned. How did yours end up?

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