Ridgewood, New Jersey

I bought a pair of Versace sunglasses or so according to the seller. When they arrived I received a cheap pair of sunglasses I could've bought at any gas station for $7.

When I tried to get a refund, poshmark asked me to send pictures, which I did. They wrote back that the item was sold as described and I would only get a $5 credit. I wrote them back to no avail and to my surprised this company doesn't even have a customer service phone number to reach them.

I longer plan to buy any sunglasses or any item from this company. Not only do they encourage sellers to lie on their items but they don't care for their customers' needs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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worst company ever! I was short shipped 2 items but got the biggest run around that I just gave up! Would never deal with them again!


My bank card questioned duplicate charges, they suspended my account. So much for doing the right thing.


You're lucky the seller didn't report you & have you suspended from there too. If you try to post comments asking seller about things after a sale, seller simply reports you for harassment & Posh suspends you.

Posh doesn't even explain, warn you. Poof you're done! I emailed & emailed Posh telling them I couldn't access my account. Finally months later, I asked again.

Posh emailed back your account is suspended, still no explanation at all. I had to start a whole new account because of that seller. Btw, my reason for posting to seller was, the package was opened in the mail & arrived empty. No one was replying not Posh, not seller.

Afraid of being out my money, I applied for refund thru Paypal. Like I wanted a new account no, but clothes & shoes yes. Now, a seller replies with me. She sends me on a wild goose chase to Mercari, which I said are we allowed to do that?

I'm waiting & waiting, I decide I better just OFFER, I really thought I wanted the shoes. Waiting for pics, she disappears, blocks me & probably sold them. Unbelievable. If I report her, I'll probably get suspended?

Who has time for this? Not me!


It should be against the law for an company that can collect and change the publics money to not have a customer service phone number where you are able to speak with a human. Unacceptable!


Totally agree. Should be reported to Consumer Affairs in their state!


Now that you see Poshmarks commercials their customer service is down the drain. I cannot contact them to get my money back.

Item purchased was clearly NOT AS DESCRIBED, but they have not answered any of my 10 emails to them.

Very dissapointing and I'm out of my money. I want my money back!


I’m going through the same thing! Ridiculous!


I had someone return an expensive romper that she clearly ripped trying to put it on. Poshmark backed her up even though I have a great seller rating. Now I’m left with a ripped, expensive romper.


Hi I am new on Poshmark I made first sale was happy mk smart watch was a lot money sent next day now she opened case said I sent her something else not watch it is crazy why would I do that now she has my watch I have nothing help


I am very unhappy with Poshmark support. I ordered a Louie clutch from them and the item was delivered according to the USPS but I never received the purse!

Poshmark has charged me and I have been sending them emails b/c I want a refund for an item I have not received. I have yet to hear from them.




Same here!


Poshmark support has been terrible lately. I sold an LV belt and the buyer claimed it was counterfeit or not as described.

The return was approved.

He/she returned a plain black random belt with no dustbag, lv box or anything!

Poshmark has yet to respond to my multiple emails with pics.


Thanks for mentioning this. I had a problem years ago when a buyer kept my money and my item.

I was trying to sale a lous vuitton suitcase and basically they want you to send my expensive product to them (no problem) but they send my product to the buyer w no insurance.

Basically there is no insurance for seller. There are scammers out there targeting sellers and there expensive items beware.


Me too!!!!!!!! They don't care. And they don't respond to my emails


After reading all of these reviews I'm actually a bit surprised. I've purchased at least 40 items.

Many of those were over $300.00. I've had to return 6 of those items due to 'item not as described'. I did provide clear explanations with proper photos. They've handled my returns in a timely manner every time.

Once they offered me a partial refund, I refused it. So again, I'm surprised at all the issues.


I also purchased a coat on Poshmark. On the same day the coat arrived, I took it out of the package and saw that it had damage and staining not described by the poster.

I immediately open a Return Request with Poshmark on the same day the item arrived. Poshmark sent me an automated message acknowledging that they received the email and that someone would get back to me. The next day a Poshmark rep emailed me asking me for photos of the damage, but also stating that the funds had already been released to the seller. I wrote back with the attached photos, and inquired as to why the funds would be released to the seller if I didn't "accept the package," and I filed my Return Request within 72 hours of receiving the item.

(Since I sell on Poshmark, I'm very familiar with their policies.) She wrote back and offered $10 site credit (which can't be turned into cash, it can only be used to buy more items on their site), and that's it. I couldn't return the item because the funds had supposedly been released to the seller and I didn't file a formal return request in their system (mind you she is responding to my initial return request). I inquired further into their lies, most notably acknowledging my return request by asking me for photos and receiving it within 72 hours of receiving the package. They still have not responded, they simply ignore my emails.

I sell on Poshmark, but would never purchase there. I've never seen a company with such poor customer service and fraudulent behavior.


So true! I’m going through that now.

With fake pair of sneakers. Sent pictures and everything got the checked for authenticity and it was proven they are fake. And now they wanna take the item to see if it’s fake.

Poshmark needs to do authenticity checks before the item can be officially bought from the buyer. Bc it seems fraudulent, fake items is ok w/ them.


Customer service is awful. I recvd and empty box!

Post office even marked the box stating it was recvd empty.. they have asked for photos twice ? They had clear photos why ask again? I just want my money back and they won't reply !

I'll file PayPal claim and will not be using Poshmark ever again! Mercari is much better!


Same thing happened to me when I was new to Posh. The box came empty with a note from the PO.

Note said, We're sorry your contents became separated from your package!" PO, could not file a claim or do a report to find my item! WTH! I didn't know what to do. I really wanted that stupid jacket!

Posh suspended me for asking seller, what to do.

Seller, would not reply! Posh sucks!

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