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Update by user Dec 15, 2018

Wrote to the CEO of Poshmark and got her link removed on her account. Still the bullying goes on which people calling my cell phone and never answers.

This is harrassment and I will file a Police report. She will lose her job and I will be sure to take her *** to court.

Update by user Nov 17, 2018

Still people I do not know will follow me and block me at same time. I know this is from her. I block them too and report them.

Update by user Sep 20, 2018

Yesterday, I find out she is closing her closet for reasons of," Stepping back and taking a little break for a while. Need to find my focus.

Love y’all." YEAH I COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPY SHE WILL GO AWAY!!! I knew she had personal problems which caused this incident. It is obvious any one who has over 100K so called followers and decides to ditch poshmark is a nut job! REAL nut job!

Good she's going! I will forever surely let God deal with her bad deeds and hope {{Redacted}} for her ill deeds!

Update by user Sep 10, 2018

@405north,@lotoflifeleft,@infiniterevival,@amandajwcw,@raziejonjon,@emirggn These are the users that were lied to through the user @Lavender_Lemon What happened and okay you be the judge, does this warrant online bullying, group shaming? On a certain day I collected @Lavender_Lemon user name from a listing that showed a style exactly the same fabric style from same manufacture and I placed her user name on a listing that I had for this same garment.

Then I received an irriated comment from Kathryn with Lavender_Lemon to say that its against Poshmark to do this bla bla bla bla. Her comment was deleted by Posh so I do not recall exact wording but instead of being kind she acted like Poshmark Police. I was irritated by her response and I said to cover her response not knowing it would be deleted," Oh so sorry you do not fit in a 1XL next time I will sew you a elephant" And it is that comment she took a screen shot and placed it on her Instagram account. And then the group harassment & shaming from the users above ensued.

It's so stupid and so amazing that she took a private conversation to use it in an inflamed hateful way. Look at Kathryn, is she obese?

Was the comment meant no, it was meant to cover her response. Anyhow this just goes to show you how stupid things happen and even with good intention you can be seen in a hateful way because people are followers rather than leaders and choose to hang on the tail of big mama the mouse!

Original review posted by user Sep 04, 2018

I had been on Posh for one and half years and had a good selling experience! Selling mostly Boutique items with few new but not boutique items per say.

I had nearly 300 sales experiences and in that one - one star review for a brand new item and she does not sell. And one four star review. Twice I had request for returns but I won the case. I do not have a ton of followers like others but I do well because what I carry is rather unique and I also meet so many customers who have Cancer and looking for a friend online.

I have a lot of repeat buyers. I was 100% happy with Posh UNTIL Kathryn with @ Lavender_Lemon began to harass me with a barrage of public bullying and public shaming incidents. I complained a lot to Posh and never really felt I was protected. I provided more than enough of screen shots to prove the bully incidents and they said they will investigate well how long does an investigation take?

Mind you Kathryn is not a teenager. She is a Registered Nurse in Peachtree City GA with three girls and a husband.

I even apologizes to her to stop but she still continued. I then filed a complaint with the,, a lot more. Each day she continues her rant, I will expose the incident to anyone and everyone.

In my religion we believe and eye for an eye. That means she started bad and I will just go behind the scenes to expose her. She is now on file with the Federal Government. Good job Kathryn, and for what?

Such stupidy exists even within the non teenage group.

She in her own post questions herself whether she is over reacting.

I can say YES YES YES but you have me blocked so you cannot know what I say or think. Peace to all on Posh.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poshmark Customer Care.

Reason of review: They say they have zero tolerance for bullying but that is not the truth..

Preferred solution: Block all users who were involved in this bully group and you know who they are! And if you need a list I will gather some!.

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Wow! I am so sorry to here this!

Very dissapointing. I was going to sign up & sell but I think I will use another platform.

I have a lot of beautiful items but who needs this kind of stress! I am so sorry you had this experience.


Hello Mary. I do not mean to discourage you!

I was just venting my one bad experience. I have had many many great experiences and bottom line I love Posh but I learned their customer service is lacking.

In all ecommerce there is stress with scams, lies, negative feedback and fraud. Posh is not a single guilty ecommerce site they all are and you just have to act as a little lawyer to protect yourself.

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