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If you're thinking about getting the app, use this code BMSYH & you'll get a $5 credit free.

Now on to my review. I found this super cute, super rare floral Brandy Melville dress on there for $15 (+Shipping). It was shipped out the next day and arrived in 2 days.

Now before making my purchase I made sure to ask the seller when she'd ship and I checked out her listing to look for any feedback, she had 2-3 feedbacks on her sold listings.

I think alot of people have problems on the site because they don't ask questions or/and they go outside of Poshmark to place an order (example via paypal). Poshmark will not help you get your money back if you purchase items outside of site. If by chance you risk it and use paypal, NEVER send a payment gifted, always send as goods and contact paypal if something happens, they are good at helping fix situations. If you take a risk of sending cc (concealed cash) that's your choice and a huge risk cause then you won't be able to get your money back.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Poshmark Pros: How easy it was to shop, Poshmarks customer service.

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*slow clap* best consumer comment i've seen thus far in regards to PM. I swear, are the people who use PM all like 14?

I thought this stuff was all common knowledge.

And sellers i've browsed on PM so far..aren't very good at selling are they? amateurs!!..

Glad you found gold there :)

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