I purchased A ring that was advertised as being 18k gold. I specifically asked the seller if it was solid 18k gold.

So I'd have some form of proof of deception incase it wasnt. I'd be able to simply dispute it with proof. Their policy for accepting or disputing is 4 days or no its 2 days wait no its 3 days? Who the F#&;;;;;;;;k knows cause its different depending upon where you look in their policies.

Regardless it was delivered on the 24th I was out of town till the 26th I tried to dispute it after testing it o. The 27th. Within the 3 day time limit. "Which is what they said the policy was the last time I had to dispute a fake misrepresented item." Only yo findout that they had already released my payment to the seller!

Stating I had 2 days now to except it or payments released? Stating that orders shouldn't be made if someone's not gonna be a available to except. Well I ordered it on the 15th, it was supposed to be overnighted to me. I made myself available for several days.

I couldnt have anticipated that there would be such delays in shipping. And cant be expected to cancel A family trip due to shipment delays either. That's what shipment insurance and the ability to track packages is for. I've already filed several complaints after it taking A few hours of reading and finally finding this website for me to findout how to actually dispute it once payments released.

Cause apparently that's not info that PoshMark likes to make readily available to their customers who have been blatantly ripped off on their website. Just in the past 2 months alone I've spent over $3,300.00 dollars on their website! You'd think that keeping my business would maybe be A priority of theirs but it's not. And I refuse to make any further purchases until I recieve A full refund, and at this point an apology!

But I'll except just the money.

My recommendation is normally even if there was an issue things were handled in A timely efficient and professional manner. This is the first time I've had A major problem, and I'm sure it's because the holidays and Covid.

But my concern is that the time laps issue is going to completely screw me on A technicality in A policy that it seems I'm the only one being held to. Which is the time limit deadline which I was within!

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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