This site has HORRIBLE customer service. I'm wondering if the Poshmark team even speaks English.

Are they really in another country, or is silicon valley just destroying their brains? What are they doing with the millions of invested dollars? Certainly not spending it on protecting their sellers. Here are the names of the people at the top, who are so arrogant, they will threaten you if you try to give them feedback about THEIR company.

Manish@poshmark.com, tracy@poshmark.com, nchaddha@mayfield.com, chetan@poshmark.com,srothman@greylock.com. Google their investors and contact them, write reviews on here and file complaints with the BBB. Manish, Tracy and Chetan didn't like that I contacted their investors and threatened me that if I didn't stop speaking the truth, they would suspend my account. I told them if the staff at the lower level wasn't doing their job, I would go higher and they suspended my account.

Thank you Poshmark, you saved me from being stolen from and disrespected. If you want to be abused, choose Poshmark, if not go to ebay or Craigslist.

At least with Craigslist, no one controls you or takes any of the money. You can't be scammed because you meet with the person and they hand you the money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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