My name is Sally Hanson and my husband is John Hanson -our daughter is Jaime McAnally and she tried using your bidding site. Apparently you dont have the option to say you dont want an item if you are not even the top bidder!

The card numbers you have on file are not to be used and we are contacting the banks and no further payments will be honored through these cards. I have tried reaching you before and got nowhere! We will have no recourse but to take legal action if you do not get this taken care of . Unless my husband or myself gives authorization to use the two cards you have on file ( 9366 or 6176) nothing will be honored.

We are NOT honoring any purchases using these cards by anyone and the information for these cards needs to be deleted from your system. The email address for her is jaime.elizabeth.2020@***.com which May be the account name

Poshmark Cons: No customer service phone number, Not being able to complete a transaction.

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