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Reason of review is confusion of being blocked and seller overreacting and being impolite. when I did my best to be polite

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I am relatively new to Poshmark. I created a bundle with a few items, them edited it, all from the same seller @boxoflove.

She was very kind in the beginning, telling me thanks for all the likes, and to please make an offer. she made a few offers that I declined. Every few days, she would message me asking me if I was ready to buy my bundle. I kept replying no, saying I had intentions to eventually buy, but because I'm a teen AND still new to the app, I don't have all the money right away.

This went on for around a week or so. Finally, I get a message asking me if I'm ready to buy, to which I politely tell her I can't, I don't have proper payment, and that I might just have to pass this one up or wait till I have the money and buy it when I get the chance. She never responded to me, and I commented on two other listings just asking simple questions and one just saying that I was sorry I couldn't do business this time, but thanks for her patience. Come to see the next day that can't see my comments, I have been unfollowed by her, can't bundle, and can't comment on her listings.

She must've blocked me! I'm so pissed because I, as the buyer, am in no way obligated to buy her stuff, and while I understand I may have gotten her hopes up (and I'm sorry for that I really am,) it is just as annoying to have a seller constantly bothering you to buy!

I counted and she (@boxoflove) asked me 4 times in a week whether I was ready for my bundle, and that's only the most recent messages! I feel as though the seller overreacted and while I also understand that she holds the right to not sell to me, I think that she's abusing the power a seller holds over the buyer, to limit whether or not they can even buy from them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Poshmark Account.

Reason of review: Bad Seller.

Preferred solution: To be unblocked and allowed to buy from this seller WHEN I AM READY.

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I was just confused because I didn’t know how Poshmark worked, but I got it resolved! Thanks!

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