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I made a purchase on there for my kids and I was told by the person that had listed it that all of the tops were a size large and one of them was marked as a 1X well upon receiving them my oldest daughter wears a size small in shirts and the three tops that were listed as a size large and the one top that was listed as a 1X was so tight on my daughter we almost couldn't get them off and like I said she wears a small so I reached out several times and informed the company that this was listed wrong and that the size she posted was not the size that all of the clothing and I asked if they could send me a shipping label because I had no way of printing one-off so that way I could send this lady back her stuff so I could get a refund well no one's responded to my emails no one is responding to my posts or comments and I got an email on the part where it shows that you can choose to click delivered or not and I did not choose that option Poshmark on their own shows to automatically close it out and gives this heifer five stars enclosed out the case and stated that they are no longer able to refund or to be able to give me the option to send the items back because it's been past the 7 days they said that I did not respond which isn't true I sent them about six emails which they have not even responded to me I informed them that again I was unable to print it off and ask them if they would send me the shipping label so that I could ship the clothes back to the lady and get a refund well I checked my account today they closed out the account gave the lady 5 stars and then told me that I was no longer allowed to get a refund because the 7 days was up to be able to respond so now I'm a little pissed off because I sent you all emails responding and I posted comments responded I even reached out to the little heifer that was selling the stuff and still have gotten no response I'm pissed because they won't send me a *** shipping label to ship the stuff back so I can get a refund like I am beyond pissed off right now like this is unethical this is not how you handle a business you don't ignore the customers that make you money I'm a single mom I can't just be forking out money buying from people who lie on their posts about their sizes and then go ghost because they don't want to do what's right and refund you your money I have done above and beyond I've emailed this company I have tried talking to this company I have tried messaging the girl I've done everything all I want is my *** money that's it I'll send the picture clothes back and that could be the end of it I want my money I want Poshmark to send me a *** label so I can send the *** to her so I can get my *** money and if they don't want to do that then Poshmark themselves should be responsible for crediting my account the money that I spent because if they can't do that oh I will go on to every single blog website posting details saying whatever to let everyone know that this is what what the company is about that the company is not about doing what's right there just looking for to make money and not making the customer happy I can understand if I was refusing to send the stuff back and was still trying to get the money no I just informed them I had no way to print off a label and if they could ship me one in the mail so I could then send the lady her clothes back and get my refund but no there just choosing to ignore me for the last seven days and they're claiming that I'm not responding which is BS because I can gladly post on here all the emails that I have sent them and have gotten no response so hopefully by me posting this they'll see that I'm really a really upset about the situation and I'll do what's right and fix it. It shows when i messaged her and never got a response from her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Poshmark Pros: You get to meet some nice and fair people.

Poshmark Cons: Company ignores you.

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