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Poshmark deleted my account for reporting fakes and I sell the real thing and now I have enough evidence against them I feel it was discrimination

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Brighton Purses good prices, but ID bracelets overpriced selling used for what you can get new at store! Also watches one seller selling a watch with inflated price on Huntington watch said price is org: $300 and selling for $150 that is a lie. Tradesy is much better and helps with any issues with their sellers. Also Kathy Van Zeeland way overpriced!! I will continue to shop at Tradesy where there items are fair and shipping is free on most... Read more

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Nearly $400 was fraudulently charged on my charge card from POSHMARK. Now there is a hold in my account that I cannot access. Not having an actual person to talk to makes this extremely frustrating. There should be some recourse to deal with companies that create an atmosphere that allows thieves to get to your money. Companies should not be able to just charge things to your card without verifying ownership. This can make the difference... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #938848

I purchased a Kate Spade purse which I notified Poshmark within one day that I had proof it was fake and they rejected it stating it was "Authentic". I am very upset that they will not provide proof and I supplied proof it is "Fake"

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Poshmark Customer Service Must Be ***
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I discovered Poshmark awhile ago and originally loved it. I was able to find gently used things that weren't full price and for the most part all of my purchases lived up to my expectations. Then I made the mistake of letting those past experiences steer me to making a purchase that has led to me fighting with this horrible place through the BBB! The seller had a pair of pants listed as 28's, on Poshmark you can set a size filter so you don't... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 16
  • #937877

Screw it I worked an hour trying to get user name and password. I deleted it went to Nordstrom they don't want to do business with people.

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these people are uneducated in business. i guess anyone can put up a website?? they have no phone number, first red flag. they can hide behind their emails? speaking of emails, i sent an email on the mistaken charge they gave me. NO RESPONSE.they shipped out the goods anyway then they respond? but i cant call it a response mumbo jumbo answers that did not make sense.trying to avoid the problem. now 2 weeks later still no response to try to fix... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 14
  • #936931

*** poor customer service. no response to 3 emails.

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I ordered 2 items from same seller. I paid, Poshmark took money immediately. Seller never shipped items, never responded. That can happen, time to time, I understand. That itself is not Poshmark's fault. However, when I asked Poshmark if I can leave negative review for that seller, Poshmark said buyers can only review items which they received, not for sellers for not shipping or not responding. I looked up the same seller and the account is... Read more

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Poshmark - Review in Auctions and Internet Stores category
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i have been shopping and selling on poshmark for a while now which makes me very angry about how my first problem is being solved. talking to customer service is like trying to explain something to a wall. the seller never taped my package closed causing me to loose the items in half of my bundle. After repediately telling them I DID NOT RECIEVE HALF OF MY BUNDLE they still insist on going with my items where not as described. when did i ever... Read more

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