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Poshmark is the absolute worst! They don't even have a phone number, just an customer support email and you never get a response! The majority of them items sold on Poshmark are fake knock offs and they will not give you your money back! Steer clear of this horrible, greedy, dishonest company and buy/sell from eBay instead! I've NEVER had a problem with buying and selling on eBay and they have a real customer service phone number. They've always... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #923915

I have never used this site but they charged my card almost $300.00, emailed them to get credited back before I contact my Attorneys, no response yet.

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Customer service is lacking if you get paid for an item they are unresponsive if the buyer does scammer type behavior. They kinda don't care if the buyer lies and says stuff didn't ship to them etc - and everything is tracked which results in damaging your whole average as a seller. Because their avaerage seller stat ratig system is really jacked also. They leave little protection for you. I've had a buyer scam me when I was brand new claiming a... Read more

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I have dealt with many scammers numerous amounts of times and this company ends up blocking my account without being able to talk to customers/clients during ongoing sales. This is an absolute disgrace of a company. I sell authentic items only and get scammed all the time out of people trying to sell me fakes. What else do I have to do to get a reply back to my emails to the support team since that's the only way you can contact them. There's no... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922214

I had very very bad experience from this website I can say all in my life which I shop every day worst shopping experience in my life don't shop from them its a headache.

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I have been on the site for a short while and have mixed feelings. Am seeing and reading all kinds of things that don't really make sense or are very contradictory. For example: The site states that it is for selling women, men's and children's fashion, shoes, accessories, etc. So a great deal of items are banned. So the categories are things like: accessories, bags, dresses, intimates, jackets & coats, jeans, jewelry, pants, shoes, shorts,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 17
  • #920752

Very troubled that several "closets" are selling fake designer bags. The terms and conditions prohibit this. I tried to contact customer service. Isn't this against the law. It also seems to be an open forum for sellers' anger and hostility. When I questioned the authenticity of a bag the seller became angry and offensive, using profanity and ridicule. No more poshmark for me.

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@sammy4560 --- everything was well on the day that she saw my purchase and said that she would be able to ship it the next day. BTW: She has tons of followers and seemed legit as I saw a bunch of other things that she sold but apparently she doesn't care about receiving her money. Heard nothing, did not answer me back and my product is still 'processing' --- tomorrow's the final day and I'll be able to get my money back. I am never using... Read more

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Company was running a weekend sale for free shipping. I got promotion emails and it was even displayed on the product page when going to buy. When i was charged for what was supposed to be free shipping I immediately contacted poshmark. Their customer service is not sincere, apologetic nor helpful. It was not my fault your ad was not detailed nor listed its exclusions. No customer service at all! Immediately closing my account as a seller and a... Read more

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I bought a pair of Theory pants. As I have several other pairs of the same brand, I know a size 12 measures 31. The pants I received were marked 12, but measured 28 which would be an 8. I believe the pants had been altered as the size tag was in an odd spot on the waist band. Poshmark continued to refuse to honor my request for a return and refund. They first said the measurement was marked, which it was not. They then said It was my... Read more

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