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I have been trying to get in touch with a real person and no luck..just keep getting emails with no info. about my concerns with my account. Very unprofessional. Only been a member less than a month and purchase a few items and it was good then something happened to my account and I can't figure out what's going on with it now. I don't under stand why you can't talk to a REAL PERSON about issues with the poshmark website...Even tried calling the... Read more

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I am unclear why no one has turned this company in. I have sold on E-Bay for years, and they are honest as they can be. Just sold something, I shipped it, an three hours later they cancel the order, and I out of my money and merchandise. No response from Poshmark. They do not have customer service, just e-mails they generate. Why is this company able to get away with this- sad how customers get taken advantage of. BEWARE OF ANY SELLING ... Read more

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I recently joined Poshmark and was scammed by a buyer. At first I thought she could be trusted cause she brought a wallet from me and paid me for it. Then she wanted 2 of my Gucci bags. Both bags is authentic! She was eager to get my bags and again cause she paid for the wallet without a problem I figured I could trust her and I gave her a good deal. When she got my 2 Gucci bags which were in great condition. She opened up a case against me. She... Read more

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So i ordered a tunic. First time ever ordering from poshmark. And everything went great until i got the shirt. Which was sized differently than normal. Shirt was way too big for me to wear. I tried the shirt on then immediatelty put it back into the exact same package which was not torn or damaged in any way, and contacted poshmark to return the shirt. After three days they are saying they won't take it back because i should've asked for the... Read more

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So like, a year ago, I bought a pair of Anthropologie earrings off of Poshmark. They were almost $50 and gorgeous. I finally get them and realize a bead is missing on the earring. And on top of that the package was partially damaged in transit. Then I try them on and TWO MORE BEADS fall off! I asked the woman I bought them from why they were damaged and she wouldn't admit that they were damaged EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SHOWN IN HER LISTING PHOTO THAT... Read more

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Poshmark doesn't seem to care much about the seller's protection. Whenever you're item is "reported" Poshmark notifies you, but never tells you the actual reason for your item being reported. All the items I sell are in great condition and I don't have a rating lower than 5, but Poshmark seems to take that for granted. There seems to be a trend that if the buyer can't fit in what she bought, she reports it as "broken, damaged or stained". Give... Read more

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You have to have sold on this site for a while to get to know whats really going on there. First of all, there are tons of counterfeit items from Free People to Chanel. If you are not aware of the many different ways you can get scammed on this site, it is best not to even take the chance that you may be buying from an honest seller. It is very hard distinguish what is counterfeit and what is not if you do not have the experience. I truly... Read more

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I spent over $2,000 dollars in purchases in one day via Paypal. One seller sold me a counterfeit Chanel bag acknowledged it was fake which is shown below. I deal in Upscale resale on another site and I know knockoffs. Reported dealers in Chanel and Louis Vuitton (they have a button to click) I complained to POSHMARK via email about the remarks posted below from this seller and advised them to read her descriptions. I recieved canned emails... Read more

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I purchased a pair of "True Religion" jeans. The seller shipped promptly but when I received them they were as fake as a $3 dollar bill. I've had to jump through hoops trying to deal with the poshmark "guarantee" I sent photos twice, they emailed requesting new photos that must be submitted through the app within 48 hours or they will assume I want to keep these knock-offs. They say they offer guarantees and customer service but I've yet to see... Read more

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Great at first. However when you start selling more you are in the way of people who work at corporate and have their own closets. Or someone bribes them to shut you off. Then they suspend your account for no reason. They erase all listings that took you many hours to put up. Cancel payments of items you have shipped. All the time you spent on creating followers is gone. You lose time and money. Their customer support is non-existent and so is... Read more

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